Trump administration ‘will be in a position to help’ Canada’s dairy industry, says Canadian dairy boss

Ottawa — The U.S. administration of President Donald Trump has vowed to be a partner in Canada’s agriculture industry, as the Trump administration moves toward the dairy sector, a dairy industry official said Monday.

Trump’s National Dairy Council announced the appointment of Canadian Dairy Board President and CEO, John Fauci, to a new position, according to the executive director of the Canadian Association of Dairy Producers.

The council has asked Trump to make a final decision on Fauccis nomination.

“It is essential to support Canadian farmers, as they face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the future,” said Mike Faucci, the executive vice president of the U.K.-based association.

The White House said it was “not commenting on specific appointments.”

The appointment comes as the U,S.

and Canada continue to face significant challenges to the global supply chain and the supply chain for dairy products.

Fauici said the U’s role will be “to assist Canadian producers to meet the challenges of the new economy and to continue to advance the national dairy strategy.”

The U-S.

Department of Agriculture will announce its 2017 budget, which will be based on the Trump plan to make the dairy industry more competitive and diversify it.

The department will also review the administration’s dairy trade policies, including a new dairy deal with China, and will make recommendations to Congress, according the USDA.

In 2018, the USDA will issue a report that will help Congress and the public better understand the potential benefits of a bilateral dairy trade agreement, according a USDA statement.


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