Why Italy’s ‘concrete operation stage’ is now the country’s ‘operational stage’

LONDON — Italy’s new concrete operational stage will soon include the countrys first “proper” concrete roads and canals, according to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The concrete stage of construction in Italy will be completed in 2024, Renzi said on Wednesday during a visit to Italy’s state-owned highway agency, Comitato Finanziaria, where he announced the state’s ambitious $1.2 trillion plan for roads and transport infrastructure.

Italy has struggled with a high unemployment rate, high unemployment levels and high costs for road construction.

Renzi announced a road program for construction and improvement of roads and transportation infrastructure, including an ambitious road network to connect Milan and the rest of Italy with one-way traffic, an expansion of the Intercity Expressway, and new bus lines to connect the cities of Milan and Turin.

He said that the new concrete stage will also include an extension of the road network in the province of Campania and the extension of its toll roads to the coastal city of Liguria.

Renzo, who is also the country s interior minister, said that Italy will create more than 5,000 jobs over the next two years, a major milestone in Italy’s long road program.

“It’s not only about the construction and the road,” Renzo said.

“It’s also about the infrastructure.”

Renzo said that a road network connecting Milan and Sicily, which was completed in 2009, will be “replaced by a network that will connect Campania to Liguana and Sicily to Campania, connecting the ports and airports.”

Italy will also create 3,500 new jobs and 1,600 new permanent jobs through the creation of new roads, bridges and tunnels.

The construction of the concrete stage was expected to take six to eight years.

Italy is the third-largest economy in the world, after China and the United States, and has the second-largest private sector in Europe.


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