How I met the man who was the ‘smooth’ operator of an Iranian prison

A former US Marine who helped run a US prison in Iran, was arrested by Iran’s intelligence agency for helping an Islamic militant escape.

According to Iranian news media, Mohammad Moqedi worked as an operator for the Islamic Republic’s main intelligence agency, the Quds Force.

He also managed an underground cell in the US, the FBI has said.

Moqedis former employer, Iran’s General Security, reported him to the FBI in 2013 for assisting a militant who escaped from a US detention centre.

In a letter to FBI Special Agent Daniel Lippman, the GSS said Moqeds activities in Iran included assisting an escaped prisoner in escaping to Pakistan and working as a ‘smoothing operator’ for an Islamic political prisoner who escaped in Pakistan.

“As part of his work for GSS, Mr. Moqeedi engaged in clandestine activities which involved the use of his personal contacts to provide assistance to prisoners escaping from US prisons,” the Gs wrote.

“His use of a ‘Smoothing Operator’ title is consistent with his work in Iran as well as the activities of his former employer.”

Iranian media reports suggest Moqeddi had a number of aliases.

He reportedly worked as a smuggler and later became a prison operator.

The FBI said it has “no information that Mr. Mohammad Moqtadizadeh ever used his position to help escape Iranian prisoners.”

The agency said it is working with Iranian authorities to locate Mr. Mounir Moqtadi and is looking for any information that could assist with his capture.


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