How to Avoid Being Scared of the Scary Chinese Opera

When you’re on a plane, there’s always the possibility that your seatmates will be able to hear you screaming, “I’m being watched!

I’m being spied on!”

The truth is, most people are very, very good at hiding.

So if you’re a foreigner and you feel uncomfortable, it’s probably because you’re not sure how to approach a Chinese opera.

Here are five things to remember if you’ve been scolded in the airport: 1.

It’s important to keep your voice down and calm.

Chinese opera is a noisy, noisy place.

People often don’t know how to handle loud noises.

If you’re being treated poorly or treated with suspicion, it could lead to a bad reaction in the public’s mind.

If that happens, try to maintain a calm, composed voice and not give any sign of discomfort.


Don’t be a dick.

Even if you feel like you’ve done something wrong, don’t be afraid to talk to people.

That way, they can make a mental note of your reaction, which could help them spot a bad habit.


Don (or shouldn’t) say you’re sorry.

It can be difficult to get back to your seat without saying, “Sorry, I’m sorry.”

But it’s important not to try to change your mind and to avoid giving the impression that you’re trying to get the guy off your back.

You could be making yourself a target.

You might just have to apologize anyway.


Don’s not your first choice.

If your seatmate is not Chinese, the next person on the plane might be a Chinese actor.

The more options you have, the better chance you have of getting a good seat.

Don, on the other hand, might not be an option.


Don`t make a big deal of it.

This isn’t a show, and if you get in trouble for being a jerk, it won’t be your fault.

Chinese people are so much more forgiving than American audiences.

If they feel you are being disrespectful, they’ll likely let you go.


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