When are players supposed to be active?

With a new collective bargaining agreement kicking in this season, the NHL is set to implement new rules about how players are supposed to react to being called up to the lineup.

The rules are being rolled out over the next couple of weeks, and they will likely come as a surprise to some fans. 

The most common response to being named on the active roster is to be relieved of the role, or simply to not be on the ice for the game.

However, there is a difference between the two options.

When a player is called up, the team is supposed to put him on the fourth line, meaning that he will be playing only as a sixth man, not in a lineup. 

When a player goes on the injured reserve list, his status is changed to “questionable,” meaning that the team will be able to recall him, but the player is not expected to be on a line.

The player’s status is then up to team management, who have the final say. 

But how do players react to the new rules?

Some players are excited to be back on the NHL ice, others are worried. 

For those who have never experienced a change in the rules, it can be a difficult adjustment to accept, especially when there is so much uncertainty about the league’s future. 

There are a few players that have been on the outside looking in during the transition, including the aforementioned Patrick Kane, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Jonathan Toews, and Martin St. Louis.

They have all been called up in their respective roles and have had an incredible year for the Ducks.

But the one who has been the most visible of the bunch has been Anaheim Ducks defenseman Justin Schultz, who has played well enough to earn himself a spot on the team’s depth chart, and has been named to the NHL All-Rookie team. 

Schultz is also in a contract year, so he will not be eligible for arbitration this season.

However the Ducks will have to make decisions on his future this summer if they want him to continue playing for the team, as well as the players that he plays for. 

What is the biggest difference between this new and old rule set?

Schultz and other players who have been called back up have faced some uncertainty and have been given the option to sit out the season or to play on the third line, which is a new situation for Schultz.

The biggest change in Schultz’s situation will be that the Ducks have now put him in the third-line role, meaning he will get minutes in a bottom six role, where he can skate on the power play, be a leader on the penalty kill, and play on an even-strength unit. 

How does Schultz compare to other players on the Ducks roster?

Schultz’s play has been great, but how do his teammates compare?

While Schultz has had a solid season, his teammates have had some success, as the Ducks currently have six players on their team who have scored at least 100 points, including two who have already done it in the playoffs.

It is unclear at this time if Schultz will be allowed to play in the NHL next season, but he should be considered a long-term project. 

Do the Ducks still have a chance to make the playoffs?

The Ducks currently hold the second-worst record in the league and are currently just four points out of the wild card spot.

However if the Ducks don’t win the Stanley Cup next year, they could be a playoff team.

What will be the impact of this new rule set on the playoffs and the rest of the NHL?

This is not a new rule that will be implemented immediately, but it will impact the playoffs for the first time in the past two years.

The Ducks will likely be looking for a few key players to help them reach the playoffs, and Schultz is one of them. 

Will Schultz’s presence on the roster cause other Ducks to take a different approach? 

Schulz and the Ducks could also be considered to be the most under-performing team of the entire NHL.

There has been some talk about the Ducks having a weak playoff run, but that is not necessarily true, as they have not lost a game in the last five weeks.

This is not the first playoff run that the players have had with the team.

Corey Perry has had five straight playoff runs with the Ducks, and Ryan Getz has been on a run of his own, winning the Stanley and Conn Smythe Trophy with the Los Angeles Kings.

The players have been very consistent this season and there is no reason to think that the same can not be said for Schultz, Perry, or Getzlak. 

Who will be making the most of this change?