Royal Opera House is the ‘fishbowl’ for air pollution

The Royal Opera house in Mumbai is a fishbowl of pollution.

It is the best example of how the power of air pollution is being used to control public opinion in India, a country where it has taken decades to get to where it is today.

Its owner is the world-famous Opera House Group, which runs the Mumbai International Film Festival.

Its founder, the late Manoj Gupta, was the country’s first director of the Indian National Institute of Theatre, Drama and Music.

Its current management has been led by the Indian Film Institute’s (IFIM) head.

It was set up in 2007 by Gupta, who left the country in 2011 to pursue a career in international finance.

It’s not a bad job, said Rajendra Pachauri, president of the IFI.

It has taken a long time for people to realise that the air is toxic and the pollution is the biggest threat to human health.

The Mumbai International Festival of Contemporary Arts (MICA) is a big success story in Mumbai.

Its budget is about $1.5 billion.

It has over 100 festivals.

It runs a series of free concerts, opera houses, and theatres that are free of charge.

The festival is one of the biggest in the world.

But the power that air pollution can exert is clear to see.

The air quality in the city has become so bad that even people who live outside it can smell the pollution.

Its power comes from the power station that runs through the heart of the city, in the industrial zone, called Jhansi.

Its pollution has reached about 90%.

The plant has a capacity of about 5 million litres a day, about 1.2 million litres per hour.

Its emissions are not restricted to Mumbai.

The city is a hub of air-pollution in India.

In the capital, Delhi, there are air-quality monitoring stations for a whole area of about 4,000 square kilometres.

Its pollution is one reason that the Mumbai Festival is so important to the city.

It attracts many foreign visitors, and its success is a source of pride to its owner, the Indian film institute.

The power of the air pollutionThe problem with air pollution in Mumbai, as in many parts of India, is that it is not just confined to the industrial zones.

Its power is also found in the residential areas.

A new government report released in September says air pollution kills at least 1,000 people every day in India and that is almost half of the number of deaths from the city’s smog in recent years.

The pollution is most prevalent in the urban areas of Mumbai, and it can be worse.

The biggest problem is that people don’t notice it because it is so invisible, said Prakash Sharma, director of a health and human rights think tank at the National Centre for Policy Research.

But its effects are already felt in the commercial corridors that link Mumbai and the commercial centres in the capital.

In Mumbai, there is a huge number of residential blocks.

These are areas where people live in the open air.

In Delhi, the problem is not as bad.

There are areas that are open, but there is no public transport.

The result is that the traffic congestion in these areas is worse than in the more isolated parts of Mumbai.

It is a double whammy.

The people who are living there don’t realise that they are polluted.

So when the power goes out, they are like, “Where is the power?”

But the pollution doesn’t disappear.

There is a lot of public support for air-cleansing projects.

But these projects are not enough.

The pollution still exists in these blocks and its presence is noticeable.

The situation is worse in the private areas.

People who live in Mumbai are aware of their pollution but don’t like to see it.

And the problem continues to worsen.

In February this year, a new study by the WHO revealed that Delhi was the worst polluted city in the country.

India has about 40,000 industrial zones, but only two-thirds of these are controlled by government agencies.

In Mumbai, the pollution controls are almost completely broken.

It’s not just pollution from the industrial areas that is being controlled, but also from the residential and commercial areas.

It affects people’s perception of the pollution and their perception of health.

It causes health problems, including cardiovascular disease and heart disease, according to a study published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in May this year.

People also have an increased risk of lung cancer, according a report published in June by the American Academy of Dermatology.

This study is the first to look at the link between air pollution and lung cancer.

It found that exposure to particulate matter and carbon monoxide levels increase in people with lung cancer and that the risk increases with increasing age.

This is why the WHO recommends that air-conditioning units be installed in residential areas and residential areas should be equipped with air-


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