Microsoft, Apple & Google will be partners for the Opera 10 project

Microsoft will be a co-operation partner for the development of Opera 10, a browser based on Mozilla’s JavaScript engine, which will run on a range of devices, including Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Surface tablet and Google’s Android mobile operating system.

The partnership will be announced in a keynote speech on Thursday at the Web Summit, the annual technology conference in Dublin.

Google and Microsoft have a long history of collaborating on projects, including the Firefox browser, the Google Chrome browser and the Edge browser.

The two companies are collaborating on the upcoming version of Opera, which is designed to replace Firefox, Chrome and Edge on phones, tablets and other devices, according to Google’s John Giannascoli, a project lead on the Opera project.

Google will use Opera as a way to improve browser security and performance, according the statement.

Microsoft will use the Opera to help build a new version of Windows, a service that is part of the company’s Windows 10 operating system, as well as in its cloud services.

The Opera 10 will be powered by Firefox, and will run in its own browser, Microsoft said in a blog post on Thursday.

It will be available on both Windows PCs and Windows tablets.

Opera 10 was originally scheduled to be released this summer, but it was delayed several times, most recently to June 2017, after Mozilla decided to stop supporting Firefox on Windows 10.

Microsoft has not announced when it plans to release Opera 10.

The browser is also being built with JavaScript, the open source language that powers JavaScript, a common technology for software to run on modern web browsers.

In this latest version, Opera will be built using the Microsoft JavaScript engine.

Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s Windows Phone have a wide range of mobile devices, and Google is likely to offer its own software to make it easier for developers to target those devices, Giannavoli said.

Opera will run natively on a wide array of mobile phones, which makes it the most viable alternative for developers.

Opero will be based on Firefox, but its developer version will use a new engine that will be developed by Microsoft, he said.

Microsoft and Google will collaborate on the platform’s infrastructure and design, and the team will use its own tools to make sure the browser works well on its platform, Gannavoli added.

Operae 10 has a “unique” approach to improving security, according Microsoft, which also said it will continue to improve the security of the Opera browser.

“Opera will not be just another browser.

Opera 10 is going to be a true OS with many layers of security,” Giannafoli said in the blog post.

Operan 10 will run with Firefox, a platform built on the open-source JavaScript engine called ECMAScript 5.

Opera has been a popular choice for mobile devices in recent years, and many developers have made Opera their default browser.

Google’s Chrome browser, a popular browser in mobile devices that is not currently supported by Opera, has had a long relationship with Mozilla.


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