UK Government to release its operating profit margins by year-end

The Government is expected to publish its operating profits margins by the end of the year, as it seeks to tackle an economic downturn that has hit the economy harder than any in the UK in recent memory. 

The government, however, has so far resisted calls to publish the figures in full, insisting the figures are “personal accounts” that must remain confidential.

The Financial Conduct Authority, the regulator, published its first annual operating profit and loss tables in June 2016, but the government has said the tables should be made public within the next two weeks.

“There is no reason why this should be delayed,” said Paul Martin, the UK’s minister for business, energy and jobs.

The Treasury also told the BBC the figures would be made available by the UK Council for International Development (UKCID) “in the coming days”.

“This will be a time of great excitement for our economy,” the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said.

“As well as delivering our commitments to tackle climate change, we are looking to build on the progress made to tackle the issues of the digital economy, which is one of the most pressing challenges of our time.”

The new figures were published on Friday, the same day as the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, where the world is due to meet for the first time since the end, in 2020, of the global economic crisis.

It comes amid growing concern about the economic impact of the financial crisis, with the IMF and the World Bank warning this could lead to “the greatest recession since the Great Depression”.

“The government will be very careful to keep the current financial crisis under control,” said a spokesperson for BEIS.

The latest figures will be released as the UK faces its worst recession since 2000, which saw unemployment hit a record 10.1%.

The financial crisis has left a deep economic wound, with many people unable to afford their rent or mortgage payments.

The economic downturn has been one of those rare moments when the UK economy has had enough, with some predicting the UK would fall into recession this year.

In the first three months of this year, gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 0.2%.