A forklift operator in South Africa was recently suspended by the authorities for posting a racist rant on Facebook

A forklifter operator who went on a rant about the “black people” in South African society has been suspended from his job by authorities, the country’s public broadcaster reported.

The operator, who goes by the pseudonym “The Black Boy”, posted a Facebook post on February 10, saying that he was employed by the forklift company Kwiklift to pick up a shipment of coal.

In the post, the operator described how the “borders” of South Africa were “fucking disgusting” and said that black people were the “opposite of beautiful”.

The post was later taken down.

In response, the South African government announced on Thursday that it was suspending the operator’s employment.

The government said that it would investigate the post’s content and “remove the offending material from the website” in a bid to “stop this kind of behaviour from happening again.”

The South African National Police Service (SPNPS) told the broadcaster that the operator had been suspended pending an investigation.

The comments come after another forklift driver posted a similar rant about his employer, which has been widely shared on social media.