How to read the latest news and events

New York is experiencing a dark winter with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) below zero, and wind chill has reached -4 degrees.

The city’s power supply has been cut to about 100,000 people and some schools have been closed.

The U.S. Energy Department has announced that it will cut carbon dioxide emissions by an additional 1.5 million metric tons (4.4 million barrels) from 2030 to 2035.

The White House has announced it will slash the U.N. budget by $5.4 billion to $4.9 billion.

A new round of budget cuts is expected in the U to $2.9 trillion.

The economy is showing signs of recovery.

The unemployment rate is 5.7 percent, down from 7.9 percent a month earlier, according to the Labor Department.

The government has been able to recover from the financial crisis.

There are still some signs that the economy is on the mend.

But the recession has not been completely wiped out.

The Consumer Price Index is down 5.6 percent from a year ago, but that’s due in part to the fall in energy prices, according a report from the Labor department.

The number of new homes sold this year is up by a little over 100, the Labor report said.

A report by Moody’s Analytics predicts the U,S.

economy will contract by 1.9% this year, down 0.5 percentage points from last year.