How to get linux operating systems on your phone or tablet?

I just had to know how to get Linux running on my phone or to install an operating system from an app store on my tablet.

This article assumes that you already have a basic understanding of the operating system, or if you just want to get started.

Here’s how you do it: 1.

Create a USB flash drive from an SD card or USB thumb drive that you don’t mind losing.

You may have to create a USB key, which you can get here.2.

Get a USB keyboard.


Get an USB mouse.


Grab an Ubuntu Linux install from the Ubuntu Software Centre (a Google app store).


Grab the Debian Stretch release for your phone.6.

Open the Ubuntu Installer app, then choose the Ubuntu 16.04 desktop.7.

Click on the “Next” button to add an Ubuntu install to the list.8.

Click “Finish”.9.

You should see an “Install” screen in the Ubuntu installer.

You can then select your USB flash stick or thumb drive, select the Ubuntu desktop, and hit “Install”.10.

The Ubuntu desktop will appear and you can install Ubuntu Linux on your device.

You should see a prompt asking for confirmation, and if you click “yes”, it will install the installation software.

Once the installation is complete, you’ll see a new Ubuntu desktop in the app drawer.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

If you have questions about using an Ubuntu installation, I encourage you to ask in the /r, reddit, or Slack channels below.

I’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible, but if I don’t, feel free to ask away on /r or in the Slack channel.


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