What’s next for crane operators?

Posted October 08, 2018 05:33:15 The crane operators, which are responsible for moving a crane’s load across a pipeline, have seen their workloads decrease in recent years due to an influx of oil and gas production, as well as increased pipeline traffic.

But there are still plenty of jobs for crane drivers.

The industry group said on Tuesday it expects the number of crane operators to grow, but there will also be a need for a variety of positions.

“We expect there will be some crane operators who will be hired for the position of operator, and there are probably other operators who might be looking for those jobs as well,” said Brian Evers, president and CEO of the National Association of Crane Operators, which represents about 1,500 operators.

While some operators have been laid off in recent months, the industry’s overall workforce has grown by about 1.6% annually, the group said.

Crane operators are expected to continue to work overtime as they have since the start of the downturn, but will be expected to keep a close eye on their health and safety to ensure they can keep up.

“It’s an incredibly challenging industry to work in.

We’re trying to find a way to get them to stay on the job, but also to make sure that we don’t lose those jobs that we lost because of this downturn,” said Evers.”

There’s a lot of uncertainty around that.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.