How to hack into your local Qantas account

An Australian operator says the “Operation Mindcrime” operation it runs is being used to target its customers.

Key points:The company, Qantash, says the operation has targeted more than 6,000 peopleThe Qantashes customers have received email from the operation and received instructions to take control of their accountsThe operator says it has already removed the malware, which is not being tracked by security researchersThe Qandas operation is designed to target vulnerable accounts and then “lock” them into a virtual office environment.

It is designed so that the Qandahs customers are not able to access the services until they are locked into the office environment, where the malware is being installed.

The Qands operation is also being used by several of the world’s largest companies, including Apple and Google.

It has not yet been determined whether the Qands malware is linked to any criminal activity.

It comes after Qandash announced last week it was shutting down the Qantaski and Qantah operations, and closing all the operations in the country.

Qandash was established in 2016 and is one of the country’s largest providers of Qandah software and services, according to its website.

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