Operation pacific: The biggest crypto operation of 2018

Operators in pacific will hold a formal operational stage on the 28th December.

Operation Pacific, a global crypto operation, is set to take place from the 14th of November, with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the UK, the US and Switzerland taking place on the same day.

Operation pacified.com is the site hosting the operational stage, while the crypto-currency trading platform BTCChina.com will be providing live-streaming of the event, while crypto-investment portal CryptoBricks will be hosting a live-cast with participants from the operation.

The event will be attended by a panel of speakers from the community and participants from around the world.

There will also be a live stream at www.operationpacific.com, with all of the participants invited to join in.

Participants will be able to view the live stream on the 24th December on a live website hosted by BTCChina (https://btcc.com/), along with a video chat, where the event participants can answer questions from the audience.

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have already been featured in the operation stage.