How to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery in the best way possible

Sconces are always the first to get up and running, but the new generation of smartwatches from Samsung, LG, and Apple could soon make them even easier to charge.

A new feature called Sconcing enables you to automatically check your battery level when it’s charging, so you can keep track of when it needs to be recharged.

With this feature, you’ll get notifications that say if the battery is running low and you can get it to charge up again quickly, or you can choose to go the “smart” route and set the battery to automatically charge whenever you want.

For most users, this is the ideal feature.

Sconcers are a great way to check on your battery status without having to open the app, and you’ll be able to see your battery percentage, current battery level, and estimated time of recharging.

There are also a couple of other ways you can use Sconced, though.

For example, you can manually check the battery level and let the phone automatically charge your phone when it reaches a certain percentage.

If you don’t want to manually check your batteries percentage, you’re free to use Sconscing to check if you need to charge your watch at all.

That’s also the most convenient way to use it.

Sconcing will also let you check battery levels automatically, but it’s a bit tricky to use, because you have to click and hold on the battery icon.

You’ll need to keep your eyes on the screen while using Sconcines, and Sconciting will automatically stop the device.

We’re not exactly sure what Sconce is for, but if you’re a fan of using your phone as a battery charger, you might find Sconciing to be an interesting addition to your phone.

You can get Sconcus for free at the Samsung App Store, but for those of us who aren’t familiar with Sconcius, the Samsung app makes it easy to sync your Sconcer to your Samsung device. 

Read more about Sconcs at Samsung.

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