‘Tearful’ after Trump calls on Senate to move on Kavanaugh investigation

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump is tearing up with a tearful Senate Republicans who refused to vote for his impeachment resolution in the Senate last week, saying they are now doing it on his behalf.

In a statement issued Saturday, Trump said the Senate has now passed a resolution to move forward on a bill to end the investigation into whether the president committed obstruction of justice by firing FBI Director James Comey in July.

The president is now calling on the Senate to pass a measure to remove the special prosecutor appointed by the Senate in August, and to move the probe forward.

The president said he is “troubled” by what he called the Senate’s decision, saying the vote should not have taken place and calling on Republicans to vote against the measure.

“It is time for the Senate Judiciary Committee to move quickly to pass this resolution,” Trump said.

“It was a bad vote, and now we must move forward.

“The Senate is now taking action to remove special counsel Robert Mueller. “

This vote should never take place. “

The Senate is now taking action to remove special counsel Robert Mueller.

This vote should never take place.

We need to move fast on that.”

The Senate Judiciary committee voted 6-3 in July to move ahead with the investigation, but that vote did not meet the 50-vote threshold needed to move to a vote on a resolution in front of the full Senate.

The committee voted to hold off on the investigation until after the 2020 election.

Trump, who has faced accusations of obstruction of the investigation by Comey, said he was told by Comey he was under investigation by the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“We will continue to investigate the matter as it develops,” Trump told reporters.

“I am not happy, but I’m not going to let this go on,” he added.

Democrats are now seeking to force the House to investigate, as well, but Republicans have said the GOP’s obstruction of Mueller is not enough for the resolution to pass.


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