Why is the smooth operator not a top player?

By Andrew Scott – The smooth operator is a top performer in the Australian football game.

The No.1 club in the country, the Canberra United, is playing in the 2016/17 A-League season.

The club announced its decision to take the decision to retire the smooth operators jersey, which was introduced in 2016.

“The smooth operator’s jersey is not just for the club, it’s a symbol of a great tradition in the A-Laws history and an important part of the history of the club,” said a club statement.

“Its not a player who is on the playing field every week, its a symbol for a great time at the club and a great memory for the players and the supporters.”

With this jersey retirement, the club is taking a moment to reflect on the importance of this tradition and the importance that we place on playing on grass.

“We are all excited to have the smooth-operators jersey retired and are committed to playing on the field at a high level for years to come.”

The smooth operators is a player’s jersey worn by a player on the football field during the course of a match.

The jersey, developed by the Canberra Sports and Recreation Commission, is made of recycled material.

The club also introduced a number of other new products during the season, including a new football kit.

The smooth is a symbol to the club for its heritage, the importance it plays for the community and the positive impact that it has had on the club over the years.

The sport is a passion for many in the club’s community, particularly football supporters, who are passionate about the game.

“For the club to have a player with that jersey retired, it shows that the smooth is more than just a player,” said Canberra United Football Club CEO Brian Scott.

“There are other players who are also playing and have similar things to what the smooth has done for the Canberra community.”

The club will be donating $1 million towards the club.

“What the club has done is amazing,” said Chris McLeod, who plays for Canberra United.

“This is something that has helped the club grow in a really positive way, so I think its a big deal.”

It gives them a chance to reflect and celebrate.

“The Canberra United announced the jersey retirement last year, as part of a major overhaul to the Canberra Football Club.

The Canberra Football League club has since changed its logo and jersey number, and it has since gone into administration.

The new Canberra United logo and shirt number have been unveiled.

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