Why Christmas is so confusing for everyone else

The internet is full of Christmas stories and memes, and some of the most interesting are the ones about the holidays themselves.

This is because there is a whole subculture dedicated to telling stories of Christmas.

For instance, there is Christmas-themed TV shows and films.

Some are more popular than others.

Some, like Christmas movies, are made entirely by actors who don’t normally make movies.

And many of them are more or less true, albeit with a touch of fiction thrown in.

But some are even worse than others, and they’re not worth talking about because, well, they’re so bad.

Here’s what we know about some of these stories: 1.

The Story of Santa Claus The Santa Claus myth was born in the late 1800s.

It’s about a bearded man who is said to travel the country with presents, and he’s said to be the most popular Christmas character ever.

It was also created to promote the Christmas spirit.

But the Santa Claus legend began to spread when the story of the man who came to visit in a sled and told everyone he was Santa began to take off.

People started telling the story, and people began believing it.

As time went on, the story began to expand.

People began to dress up as Santa, and the tales of Santa’s visit spread like wildfire.

The story got so popular that the government banned Christmas and the holiday began to be renamed The Christmas Truce.


The Santa Story There are many variations of the Santa Story, including stories about Santa Claus in a wheelchair, Santa Claus riding on a sleigh, and Santa being a child himself.

There are also tales of people in the past telling the Santa story and telling Santa they were the real Santa.

However, some of those stories have become legends, and most people don’t believe them.

In fact, some people believe the stories of Santa to be lies, but others say the stories are true.

The most common version of the story is that Santa Claus is not a real person.

Santa Claus was invented by a man named Fred Claus in 1894.

He was originally a young boy named Santa Claus who was a good sport when he saw a child trying to make a sleight of hand with a hat.

He thought he was being a silly kid and invited the child to try his hand at making Santa.

The boy didn’t do well and Santa left the room and returned later.

Santa was not a good sleight and, when he returned, Santa was gone.

Santa’s story is the basis for a number of myths and fairy tales, such as the story about the Santa-Witch and the story that Santa sent the child who went off with him.


The Christmas Story About the time of Christmas in the early 1800s, the Christmas Truces were banned because of superstition.

However it was still possible for people to go on holiday with Santa.

There was a time when people went to the shops, went shopping, and spent money.

However after the Christmas period, people would not go to the stores and the shops would be closed and people would be forced to buy gifts from their relatives.

They would not eat at restaurants, or go to amusement parks, and, since there were no bars or restaurants, people did not have any way of getting a drink.

This meant that Santa couldn’t come to the Christmas market because the stores were closed.

It also meant that there was no Christmas spirit to spread, since people would no longer believe the tales that Santa had visited.

It seems that this stopped after the ban on Christmas.

People were allowed to go to Christmas market, but people who did so were not allowed to buy any gifts.

Instead, they would buy presents from the local children’s play groups.

In 1892, Santa went to a play group in Pennsylvania and bought a present for a boy.

Santa said, “I’ll buy you the present that you’ve never had before,” and Santa handed the boy a box.

The box contained presents for his family.

The next day, the boy went to buy presents for Santa and Santa gave him a present as well.

The same day, Santa came back to the market and bought gifts for the children in the play group.

He said, “[I’ll] buy you that box of presents, so that you’ll never forget it.”

The story went that the boxes of presents contained candy, and when Santa got to the store, he went to another boy and gave him the box containing a new present.

The other boy was thrilled and said, Santa, I’ve got a present!

Santa replied, “It’s my favorite box, Santa.”

The Santa story was taken up by a group of young men called the Santa Club, and it became a popular Christmas story.

The original Santa Club was founded in 1891 by two brothers who were working on their high school chemistry lab.

The club was formed to promote Santa Claus as a great spirit.

They had a Santa Claus exhibit in the middle of the school and, eventually, the


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