When it comes to Thanksgiving Day, NFL’s big game, the NFL is getting ahead of itself: A report

The NFL has been in the midst of a massive Thanksgiving Day celebration.

And while many people have been focusing on the league’s new holiday schedule, the New York Times has reported on a new study that shows that the NFL’s biggest game, Super Bowl LI, could be a massive bust.

The study looked at how big a game Super Bowls could be, the league and its fans could be affected by it, and the impact it could have on the NFL.

The Times’ Dan Zak reported that the study, done by Harvard professor Brian Fung, found that the league could see an additional $2.4 billion in revenue during Super Bowl XXXVIII if it held it to the league schedule.

That could easily be enough to cover the league salary cap, as well as buy the tickets for about 60,000 fans, the Times reported.

That’s enough to buy an entire stadium for one game, and it’s not even counting the extra $1 billion the league would get from the sale of its home games.

But the Times also noted that that’s not the only potential revenue loss the NFL could experience.

Fung found that if the league played every other Super Bowl for three years, it would miss out on $8.8 billion in ticket sales, according to the Times.

“In a perfect world, this would be a game that we would want to see played,” said Tom Ricks, the head of the NFL Players Association, in the Times’ report.

“But this is the reality of the business, and this is what you have to think about.”

The study’s findings also include a study by Princeton University economist David Autor, who found that while the average NFL fan might see $3 in the bank in the Super Bowl, the average fan in the US is not a millionaire.

He said that $1 in the pocket for every dollar spent on tickets is a fair number.

Autor found that a Super Bowl ticket would generate an average of $4.15 in ticket revenue, but that it would generate only $4 in income for the average football fan.

He also found that when the game is played with fewer than 30 players on the field, fans would lose a total of $6.25 to $10.25 in revenue.

But it’s unclear what impact the Superbowl would have on NFL revenues, since the league does not have a business plan.

And with the league already having a massive holiday season ahead, the new study is unlikely to impact the league in any way.


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