Which Opera is best for your business?

Opera is a platform for online content.In some markets, such as in the US, the service is dominant.For others, it’s still king.In 2017, Opera added its new API for developers to use the platform, enabling them to integrate the latest Opera features with their own applications.Opera also announced a new suite of plugins to help […]

Heavy equipment operator jobs grow,other jobs shrink as adblock opera enters the US market

The internet is taking a back seat to adblock in the US, and now a new ad blocker app is coming to the forefront.Next Big Futures, which has been developing AdBlock Plus for months, has unveiled AdBlock Opera, an ad-blocking browser that can run in the background and take over the web.AdBlock has a free […]

Dish and Daxko, Inc., Dish and Aereo, Inc. to Merge, Acquire AOL and Bright House Networks

By Jonathan OatisBloomberg NewsOne of the biggest companies in the tech industry, Dish and Dish Network Inc. will merge to form AOL.The companies will be merged under a joint venture called DishNet, and the merger will be announced in the second quarter of the year.The merger will allow AOL to become a more efficient and […]