What is a ternarian operator?

This article is available as a free download in PDF format.To view the article on Google News, use the Google News reader below:The ternaries operators are used to represent operations in a computer program.They are a convenient way to represent the sequence of operations, such as to represent multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, or multiplication.The terNary […]

How to use a cloud service with Google’s PucaPods app

This is how you can get your hands on Google’s newest PucaPod smart-headset, a new piece of smart tech that allows you to control the music and video playback with your smartphone.The PucaStick, as the device is called, is a smart-set that can be used to play music from your PucaPlay, Spotify or YouTube accounts, […]

What’s the best Android operating system? – Exclusive interview with Android Opera developer Jonathan Smith

Android Opera Developer Jonathan Smith talks about how Opera works and how it compares to Windows, macOS, and Linux.He also answers questions from readers and gives the scoop on his own journey into the world of Android.Read full article