‘Modulo’ operation santana: I can’t believe it’s happening

The Hindu  (HT:  The Hindu )A Modulo operation (also called a ‘modulo’ or a ‘perpendicular’ operation) is an operation performed in two or more consecutive steps.A Modulo operation is not a multiplication, division or addition.It is an operations performed in sequence (or sequence and sequence and repeat), and thus, is an arithmetic operation.Modulo operations are often […]

Mozart operás en el mesa, el operado en la bodegada de el trabajo

Mozart’s operas have been produced in a number of theatres around the world and have also been performed on the radio.The first opera in the repertoire was written in 1896 by Georges Franck in the Paris Opera and was one of the most popular operas of the 20th century.The opera was directed by Alexandre Dumas […]

How ‘Superman’ is still doing his job

A video shows “Superman” actor Chris Pine, who plays the superhero, on a set in his hometown of San Diego, California.Pine said he was “blown away” by the response from the public to the film.“It’s the best reaction I’ve ever gotten.It’s a really positive response, and that’s the only reason I did it,” he said.Pine […]

Heavy equipment operator jobs grow,other jobs shrink as adblock opera enters the US market

The internet is taking a back seat to adblock in the US, and now a new ad blocker app is coming to the forefront.Next Big Futures, which has been developing AdBlock Plus for months, has unveiled AdBlock Opera, an ad-blocking browser that can run in the background and take over the web.AdBlock has a free […]