How to use the Rock Opera 2018 mobile app

What if you could watch your favorite sport from anywhere?With the introduction of the new 2018 NFL season, the NFL has made it even easier to get fans to the game on their phones.We’ve all heard the complaints from fans who don’t have access to a TV and/or computer, but what if you were a […]

Which countries will be deploying sea spray in 2016?

Posted March 06, 2020 12:16:34The next two years will be crucial for the nation’s fleet of aircrafts.As part of its Operational Plan, the Federal Government is also considering how it will manage the growing use of sea spray.As we enter the next decade, the Government is examining how to deploy new generation of aircraft such […]

Which operating systems will you be using to run your home computer in the future?

The future of computing is always about the people running it.So it’s no surprise that the big names like Microsoft and Apple are getting in on the act, too.Apple has released a series of operating systems to help you get your PC back on track, with the first operating system being iOS 7.The operating system […]