What is the Intel-powered iPad mini?

Intel has announced its next-generation iPad mini.The tablet is a 10.5-inch iPad mini, which is slightly thinner than the iPad mini 4, but it still has the same battery and processor as the previous generation.The device will be available for purchase in August, though details have yet to be released.The company says the device will […]

What’s the best Android operating system? – Exclusive interview with Android Opera developer Jonathan Smith

Android Opera Developer Jonathan Smith talks about how Opera works and how it compares to Windows, macOS, and Linux.He also answers questions from readers and gives the scoop on his own journey into the world of Android.Read full article

Uber driver wins $1 million in court for beating up passenger on bus

Uber driver Paul DePinho was awarded $1.5 million in the California Supreme Court in a case brought by a passenger who said he was repeatedly punched by DePogo while riding on the company’s private bus.The passenger, David Hernandez, said he had a history of substance abuse and alcohol abuse and was arrested for driving under […]