Corporate training programs are often competency based and related to the essential training employees need to operate certain equipment or perform certain tasks in a competent, safe and effective manner. The outcome of a corporate training program is a participant who is either able to operate a piece of equipment or perform a specific task in an effective manner according to pre-determined training criteria. The primary role of corporate training is to ensure an employee has the knowledge and skills to undertake a specific operation to enable an organization can continue to operate. Fundamentally, corporate training is centered on knowledge transfer, with an instructor teaching or demonstrating a particular function and the student learning and demonstrating they can apply what they have learnt to a particular operation.


  •   System Orientation.
  •   Collaborative approach.
  •   Highest productivity can be achieved when the individual goals are integrated with the organizational goals.
  •   Inter-personal trust, support and cooperation should be as high as possible.
  •   Contingency Orientation.
  •   Levels of Interventions.
  •   Human Values.
  •   Team Culture Development.
  •   Team Motivation.
  •   Buddy Binding.